• Reduces the chances of spreading the Covid-19 Virus with constant symptom monitoring among employees, staff, and visitors.
  •  Contactless entry & automated attendance will ensure discipline and better time management among employees as well as an efficient visitor management system.
  • Real-Time and error-free data can be accessed for better decision making.
  • The Micro-Location system will ensure better accountability and productivity.
  • The availability of real-time data can be useful for various management purposes and “In case of Emergency Situations.”
  • Substantial electricity costs can be saved and security in general working spaces and restricted areas can be achieved with our automated access control system.


Product Overview

As part of our workforce management solution, our smart wristband called Doc Band caters to all the needs of the management in a hazardous industrial environment.

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  • Chances of employees, staff, and visitors getting infected with Covid-19 Virus
  • A high degree of physical contact and presence among employees, staff & visitors.
  • Manual data logging & human errors in data logging
  • Monitoring movement of employees at work
  • Lack of real-time data availability
  • Electricity cost and automated access control system


  • Monitors symptoms of employees, staff, and visitors for Covid-19 Virus
  • Contactless entry & automated attendance and visitor management system.
  • Automated data management system for error-free data
  • Micro-Location system for employees movement
  • Access to real-time data availability & SMS /email notifications
  • Usage of electricity can be smartly managed and automated access control can be maintained.

Enterprise Solution by Limelight IT

 We believe our Wireless Solution will be the most appropriate and efficient solution for complete Human Capital Management for Enterprises across all verticals.

We cater to Enterprises of all sizes and have cost-effective solutions as per their need and requirements.

We are confident that our solution will not only prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Virus but will also ensure better performance and productivity among employees with Real-Time Data available and accessible from anywhere in the world for better decision making in an enterprise.

We do believe in the saying: “Data is the new Oil” and we are making it possible for enterprises to have access to Real-Time Data for better results.



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